3 years ago I completed my tennis leader course which has enabled me to give something back to the club that has taught me so much, it's a wonderful job to do and I am privileged to have the opportunity to do so. Being a tennis leader brings me great satisfaction as I get to see young players progress as my coaches saw me do, there is no better feeling than seeing a young player use a tip you gave them in a game situation and see a their face light up with joy; a truly delightful experience.

That is why I love Hylands and would urge anyone thinking about joining the club to do so as there is no other place like it! Hi my name is Andy, I'm 16 years old and have been a member at Hylands for 10 years now.

Through the years I have worked my way through the Grass Roots program to where I am now; squads. I have enjoyed every minute at Hylands whether it be socially and growing as person or progressing as a player.

Hylands has helped me in many ways, I have gained a lot of confidence over the years and am now very social and easy to talk to (well at least I like to think so). Hylands has also helped me grow as a player, everything I have learnt about tennis over the years has come from this great club, it's fair to say I certainly wouldn't be the person nor player that I am today without Hylands.